Assisted Living that Offers Peace of Mind in Dayton, OH

Making the decision to move to an elderly care home is not one that is taken lightly. Fairmont Senior Living of Farmington Hills provides exceptional services when it comes to senior home care in Dayton, OH. Our commitment to providing families peace of mind is upheld throughout our continuum of care, with staff promoting a sense of independence and purpose in all residents. From senior living to memory care services for residents with complex needs, we are committed to ensuring that your loved one is happy, healthy, and safe in a warm and welcoming environment.

Amenities Available at Our Assisted Residence

At Fairmont Senior Living of Washington Township, our seniors will find a vibrant and engaging atmosphere in Dayton, OH. We provide a range of activities, including exercise classes, art classes, board games, and more, with staff always available to help maximize independence and foster a sense of purpose and community. We offer a variety of services and activities, including housekeeping, laundry services, meals, medication management, recreational activities, and social events. Guests enjoy access to delicious, seasonal meals, access to our stunning grounds, and more.

Find Out More about Our Retirement Homes in Dayton, OH Today

If you are looking for retirement homes in Dayton, OH, Fairmont Senior Living of Washington Township provides a wide range of services and support that helps foster independence. To find out more about our services reach out to our team today by calling us at (937) 438-0054.

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